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Christopher Scranton

1037 days ago
Sarah B 9:00am        Doors open, check in
9:30am        Welcome and introduction
10:00am      Pitches
What would you like to learn? What would you like to Share?
  • Working with Open Data
  • Nick Rubin, Greenhouse
  • Forest Handford, VoteSquared.org, (skills willing to share: Web Development, Ruby, Public Speaking, social media)
  • Project Pitches
Below is the emerging list of projects that will be pitched during Saturday morning of the Hackathon. Notes will be taken here live during pitches. If you would like to spin up documentation before the day of the hackathon, please create new pages for your projects by select-all/copy-pasting this template: Template: Project 
Lyre C
  • Project of Open Democracy in New Hampshire
  • Doing walks across NH to raise awareness
  • Goal: 4 Walks this January, 1000 people
  • Need infrastructure to facilitate this campaign
  • Need web design help
  • Organize on college campuses (13 in New England area; 52 across the country)
  • How to identify influencers to spread message
Lyre C
  • What we have so far: open source tool for mapping facebook networks (see the friend network), designed by phd students with the maths.
  • Want to create a pledge app that enables people to share their data
  • Needs Facebook app dev help, design 
  • Challenge: Use NH primary as jumping off point to make MIP a bipartisan issue in the 2016 elections
  • Build a tool that enables us to mobilize 50,000 people in NH
  • Create an app and website to engage people on the ground
Lyre C
  • Who's spending dark money in NH elections?
  • 1000 lobbyists. Who pays them?
  • Who pays how much in independent expenditures?
  • Need help pulling files off of a website, scrape pdfs/handwritten data, represent the data.
  • Power analysis of narratives that inhibit change: creation of new narratives
  • Frameworks for a narrative-based strategy
Lyre C
  • Build something conceptually similar to Loomio
  • Build coalition building and cross-organizational decision making tool
  • Need design and front-end help
  • Mad social science!
  • Social media crucial to success of movements
Lyre C
  • How can all the organizations popping up in the anti-corruption movement work together and share resources around PR/Marketing efforts? A miniature 'think tank'
  • Needs: Brainstorming and documentation
Lyre C
  • Experiment in models for consensual communication
  • Tool that incentivizes learning about the issue in greater than 30 seconds: watch a video, take a quiz, get an Amazon gift card
Lyre C
  • We need a TripAdvisor/StackOverflow for politicians!
  • Website exists!
  • Create a user system so we can make this social/collaborative
Suggestion box/collaborative graph
Demo: http://JCR.stcatz.ox.ac.UK/ideas ; see graph view
Seeking full time cofounder: hardcore frontend js, can pay full time salary. Funded billionaire Nicolas Berggruen
1037 days ago
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Data Liberation Project
Lyre C
  • Who's spending dark money in NH elections?
  • 1000 lobbyists. Who pays them?
  • Who pays how much in independent expenditures?
  • Need help pulling files off of a website, scrape pdfs/handwritten data, represent the data
Christopher S Project Goals:
  1. Secure downloads of info source file PDFs from state website (approx 1,000 files) and aggregate into centralized online repository
  1. identify files and file structure of webstie
  1. build tool to automatically scrape the website, download the files, and deposit them individually to an online location
  1. ensure that the scrape tool can be run periodically, potentially by a novice computer user (" 1-click trigger?)
  1. Process PDF data into machine-readable data
  1. Identify types and numbers of 1) PDFs with printed answers (OCR potential) and 2) PDFs with handwritten answers (OCR challenged)
  1. Identify options for OCR tools that can process Type 1 "Printed Answers" PDFs
  1. Run OCR on all documents, check for errors, & identify initial counts of Type 1 vs Type 2 PDFs.
  1. For Type 2 "Handwritten Answers" PDFs, identify either
  1. robust handwriting-recognition tools & test on samples, or
  1. collect Type 2 PDFs for crowd-sourced (min. double-redundant) human data entry
Project Participants
  • Xanni Brown - xanni@opendemocracy.me
  • Scott
  • Keller

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