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Lyre Calliope

1056 days ago
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1037 days ago
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Democracy Matters: "Constellation" Pledge App & Website
  • Team lead Max Stahl (Political Director, Democracy Matters)
  • mstahl18@gmail.com 781 540 9648
  • Team members Benjamin O'clair (data wizard) 
Max S
  • boclair@gm.slc.edu 
General Project info - Constellation
We hope to create an app that allows users to donate their social graph to the cause of getting money out of politics. We are then able to use open source software to visually map their friends lists. By combining donated networks within defined communities we can run mathematical measures to determine the most influential nodes.
At a basic level we need an app with the Democracy pledge language, the ability for users to opt in and functionality to query Facebook to get the data we need.
This is how we are going to collaboratively hack democracy. The network effect will make our data exponentially more powerful the more people donate. It will allow targeting that is based on the actual contours of the social graph instead of mere statistical projection. 
Password: constellate
(skip to 2:06 to see the tool in action)
1037 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by lyre.calliope@gmail.com 1037 days ago
'Battle of the Story' is a framework out of the Center for Story-Based Strategy for doing a power analysis of cultural narratives that inhibit change efforts and generating new narratives that disrupt the incumbent narrative.
What question(s) is this project is trying to answer?
lyre.calliope@gmail.com Intelligent Mischief (http://www.intelligentmischief.com/),  a Boston-based non-profit, will be here later in the day to facilitate a  session where we first deconstruct existing narratives around corruption in government and then construct narratives that disrupt assumptions that underlie the incumbent narratives.
1052 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Lyre Calliope 1052 days ago
Lyre C
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