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Michael McCarthy

1036 days ago
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Relevant links (github repo, deployment url, etc)
Current status
  •  Form a team
  •  Make a plan
  •  Build the University
  •  Take over the world
 Technical Steps
  • Identify target audience
  • Our tool gets a file with names and addresses
  • Contact target audience
  • Postcard? Phone call?
  • Provide link from trustworthy site?
  • Generate codes
  • Consider requiring first name + 5-digit code, spelling both out clearly on the postcard.
  • "Enter the name "Fred" and code "XJQ47" to watch your video"
  • Essentially increases code length; greatly increases size of brute-force space.
  • Consider entering home address instead of code and validating if there's a match.
  • Pros: no need to remember code, might sound less sleazy
  • Cons: address discrepancies, multiple occupants per household, more effort to enter
  • Show video, all the way through
  • Administer quiz
  • Send gift card / Pay It Forward / Donate
TODO 9/21:
Must happen:
  • integrate Jacob's stuff
  • create quizzes create single quiz
  • make real questions
Should probably happen:
  • make it pretty
  • generate codes
  • download used codes list
  • associate names and addresses with codes
  • prevent skipping to end of video
Nice to have:
  • proper code generation
  • update shipping addresses
  • donate / pay it forward
Should happen, but later:
  • create quizzes via admin interface
Questions, via Carla:
1. What conflicts of interest have you personally experienced in personal or professional roles?
2. If you perceive a potential conflict for yourself, what are some ways you might ensure that this conflict doesn’t lead to unethical behavior for you and others?
3. When have others’ conflicts of interest impacted how you or those you know were treated?
4. What types of policies can or do organizations implement to try to reduce conflicts of interest or their costs?
5. Why do you believe conflicts of interest are so pervasive in society? Why don’t we take more steps to avoid them?
6. Why is it so hard for individuals to recognize their own conflicts of interest, and how is this impacted by behavioral biases?
I think it would be good to have about 4 true/false or multiple choice questions and then, 2 open ended ones that make them think and apply the data to their own lives. (no way to check if they did the 2 open ended ones.)  I don't like the idea of punishing them if they get it wrong on the true/false or multiple choice questions!  Maybe just giving them the answer and then cycling them through the question again.
Multiple-choice questions:
Michael M
  1. When an individual has incentives that work against their professional responsibilities, this is often called a _______.
  1. Free Market
  1. Fundamental Error
  1. Conflict of Interest     x
  1. System Failure
  1. True or False: Conflicts of interest can be found frequently in society
  1. True          x
  1. False
  1. When a doctor is seeking the right treatment for a patient, which of these factors would most likely become a conflict of interest?
  1. Patient's medical history
  1. A medicine company sending a doctor on a nice business trip          x
  1. Doctor's salary increasing with years in the business
  1. Patient grew up in the same state as the doctor
  1. Which of these is a clear conflict of interest when someone is buying a home?
  1. The real estate agent represents both the buyer and the seller            x
  1. The buyers know the person selling the house personally
  1. Two different real estate agents represent the buyer and the seller
  1. The real estate agent for the buyer is also on the local school committee
  1. Which professor is likely to design the least challenging class? A professor promoted on..
  1. the content of the syllabus
  1. the opinions of the faculty
  1. the knowledge of their field
  1. the opinions of the students     x
  1. Which of these helps to reduce conflicts of interest?
  1. Codes of Conduct
  1. Respecting customers or clients perspective
  1. Consulting more-experienced and trustworthy people
  1. All of the Above      x

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