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1037 days ago
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Sarah B 10:30am      Form teams
11:00am       Start hacking
12:00pm      Lunch break
1:00pm        Hacking continues
*CANCELED* (due to climate change) 4:00pm Session: Intelligent Mischief – creative conversation
6:00pm       Official end of day
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1036 days ago
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Build and sustain a grassroots reform movement
We've decided to increase the gamification as a means to keep voters involved in the long term and encourage them to incorporate this issue into their identity and priorities. So there are more than five steps and they do not have to be done in sequence. There will be points and badges available throughout the process instead of just a prize at the end. Additional challenges include making a video explaining why you care about this issue (linking it, perhaps, to another issue that you feel passionately about), a "money bucket challenge", getting friends to sign up, attending in-person events, and posting selfies from the in-person events.
We have a strategy for the website and are working on a site map and a mockup of the homepage.
Next steps
Presley P Page tables - for each page, map out content and then visual representation of content

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