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Devers Talmage

1036 days ago
For the Town Hall people to work together at the Hack for Democracy weekend
Devers Talmage - deverstalmage@gmail.com
Jeremy J Jeremy Jones - jaj@pobox.com
Daniel P Daniel Porter - danielbporter@gmail.com
Ralph Wilson - ralph.wilson.ralph@gmail.com
Devers T
  • Frontend
Repository and Branch
Repo: git@github.com:TownHall/TownHall.git
Devers T checkout branch "frontend"
Install and Build
Jeremy J How to build and run the front end:
Install node.js from here: http://nodejs.org/download/. This includes the installation of npm (Node Packaged Modules).
Clone the repository, and checkout frontend:
  • cd TownHallFrontEnd
Daniel P
  • git checkout frontend
Jeremy J Install and run gulp (a modern build system) globally
  • sudo npm install -g gulp
  • gulp
Devers T There is a small issue w/ the Foundation project (libsass has issues compiling the file) - to fix (after npm install):
  • vim node_modules/foundation/scss/foundation/_functions.scss
and remove "!global" from line 13
Run a webserver to view the site, make the web server point to the project directory and ultimately the `build` directory inside it.  The Mamp web server  (http://www.mamp.info/en/) worked easily, python -m SimpleHTTPServer didn't work possibly because Django was already running for the backend. Any web server should work.
Features Implemented
angular rest interfacing services for groups, users, and discussions
basic implementation of token based authentication service
login directive integrated with authentication service
basic info page views (group info, user info, discussion)
very basic interface for user info editing, integrated with authentication service
related articles frequently referenced:
  • Backend
Pycharm IDE  (We currently must use the pro version of PyCharm because the free version doesn't run Django). We can use it to run the API, and test the front-end against it:
  • Notes
  Request to be added to supergroup 
  - Idea exploration:
  Substantial overlap between activist groups and oauth2 providers
 create  a special member that represents the supergroup to the FB group
 TH supports multiple time scales as well as multi-scale groups
 6-degrees of governance: In each group, everyone knows everyone else, and especially the delegate knows the views of all members that he represents. The delegate is a member of a supergroup with the same characteristics.
 Here is the multi-scale game of life video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP5-iIeKXE8
 Trying to think of a better name than Town Hall or Folktupus:
 Species in nature where individuals combine into larger structures:
 coral - small individuals combine to form large reefs - like the great barrier reef
 TH might be a good tool to support town committees like Nadeem was talking about.
ralph.wilson.ralph@gmail.com Brainstorm Amendments to Proposals:
 -Memb submit proposed amendments, amendments "sorted" by memb and proposers may edit according to proposed amendments
 -Memb may opt to explain their "NO" votes to proposals
 -Multiple ways to vote on a proposal "Yes", "No", "No, but support with amendment", etc
____Report Back________________________________________________
-Coming in: Partially Implemented back end, Rest API specification
-Leaving: Significant advances in front end (devers!), Further specification of back end, functionality more clearly defined,  
Jeremy J Summary of important ideas discussed:
  1. Supergroups are the key innovation. There are other voting/decision making systems.
  1. Tool that acts as a facilitator of group decision making
Jeremy J
  1. Focus on a Minimal Viable Product
  1. It must be as simple as possible, yet solve a real problem for users
  1. It was suggested that discussion is a secondary feature to agendas and voting
  1. At the very least, let's make discussion a module

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